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We reach over 1 million independent and long-term travelers per month

polaroids-travelBootsnAll is perhaps the #1 Resource and Booking Site for Long-Term Travelers. We have been helping independent travelers plan, dream and connect since 1998.

Our travelers are intelligent and savvy. From backpackers researching their first round the world trip, to seasoned baby boomers looking for their next non-traditional adventure.

Advertising on BootsnAll starts at $2000 USD/month

It takes time and resources to develop a meaningful relationship with an audience. We know, we’ve been doing it for 16+ years on the web and in person.

With that in mind, the minimum commitment to work with us is $2000/month for 6 months.

Otherwise, it’s not worth it for us, and not for you.

Over the course of the 6 month campaign, we will:

1) Learn about your product/service. Test it or talk to our travelers that have used it. Interview them and make sure the quality fit exists. Your product must be aligned with our core values (listed in right hand column of that link).

Have a look at the core values and think about this before contacting us.

Sometimes, we will quickly learn, that your product or service is not a good fit. We’ll part ways, or consider working again in the future if the product changes and does fit one day. (We’ve been there and know the entrepreneurial journey as we have and continue to live it – provide more value today then yesterday. If you can keep evolving, maybe your product or service doesn’t fit today, but will in 1 year, 2 years or 5 years – we will be here)

2) Next we’ll create campaigns that optimize and target who you and your product best fits. Often times this involves conversations with actual travelers. This is were you may learn more about your product and how to make it better, or that you already have something that is a total winner for the long-term traveler.

The word advertising is an old word that doesn’t add much value in today’s world, and frankly doesn’t work. If you want the traditional slots, use Google Adwords to target our site.

With this in mind, we call you “partner”, or FOB (Friends of BootsnAll)

Working together has to be a win-win-win

Our Traveler MUST win by you working with us. We need to win in that revenue and our time are respected. And of of course, YOU need to gain new customers or lovers of your product in a financially sustainable way.

If it doesn’t work after 6 months, we’ll part ways or keep trying. You will know if it is worth it to you to work with us. We also reserve the right to cancel if the working relationship is not win-win or destructs. Life is short, let’s be collaborative and happy together.

If your product or service is average or below average, we will not allow you to advertise directly with us. If we think it is really bad, we’ll exclude you from our google ads that appear on parts of our site/network.

We do not have a rate card as of January 2014. We only accept advertisers that we would recommend to our own mothers. Each campaign is custom as is the pricing.

Banner Advertising

If you want banners etc, please goto Google Adwords and target our site using the wonderful tools that Google has built for traditional advertising.

Still have questions? Please contact us.

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