Country: Equatorial Guinea

Population: 551,201

Capital: Malabo

Time Zone: UTC+1

Currency Name: Communaute Financiere Africaine franc (XAF)

Government Type: Republic

Languages: Spanish 67.6% (official), other 32.4% (includes French (official), Fang, Bubi) (1994 census)

Ethnic Breakdown: Fang 85.7%, Bubi 6.5%, Mdowe 3.6%, Annobon 1.6%, Bujeba 1.1%, other 1.4% (1994 census)

Religion: nominally Christian and predominantly Roman Catholic, pagan practices

Major Cities: Malabo, Bata, Luba

Phone Country Code: 240

Health Concerns: degree of risk: very high food or waterborne diseases: bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever vectorborne disease: malaria (2007)

Official Tourism Website:

High Travel Season: November - March

Voltage: 220 V - 50 Hz

Electrical Plug Type: c, e

Major Holidays:

Misc Fact / Good to Know: The mainland section of Equatorial Guinea is called Mbini.