Just Back From a Trip?

Unfortunately, after spending time in amazing locations most of us have to return home. This does not mean that those experiences should fade in the memory. Why not share your experiences with other travellers?

BootsnAll Travel Community
From discussion board to a members-only community of independent travelers, a great place to post up those handy tips gained by experience. You can also answer questions of travellers who are headed in the region you’ve just come from. Go to the boards. Not a BootsnAll member? Sign up here.

Travel Guides
If you lived in a place long enough to feel like you know it inside out, why not write a guide about it. Tell other travellers how to find the places that aren’t in the Tourist Information leaflets. Or, if your home is a great place to live and you want to tell others about it, then find out how to be a travel guide and go crazy on writing.

Travel Stories
Don’t want to be a guide, but have heaps to say? Why not write some stories. Funny anecdotes, useful tips, amazing experiences…all have a place in Travel Stories. Submit your story here.

Talk Back to Us
What do you think of BootsnAll? Did it help you with your trip? How? What did we do well? Where did we royally suck, and how can we improve? Talk back to us. Email us, leave your comments on our blogs, FaceBook or Twitter, or meet us for coffee or beer in Portland.

Get Ready for Your Next Trip!
Just because you came home, doesn’t mean you’re staying there. Where do you want to go next? Research, plan and book:

photo by dailylifeofmojo