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#34: Newsflash: Hurrah! In Montenegro Now After 1500 km!

8 July 2002

Just a quick one: Finally entered Montenegro after travelling 1500 km in the past 48 hours. After being denied entry on the Croatian-Montenegrin border – the Montenegrin border guards say they no longer recognise Yugoslav Federal Regulations – I travelled northwards to Zagreb on the northern end of Croatia, and then eastwards to the Serbian border of this boomerang-shaped country. I entered Yugoslavia-Serbia without problems, and on to Belgrade.

From Belgrade I took an overnight train to the port city of Bar in Montenegro. No problem entering Montenegro from Serbia at all! No internal border checks whatsoever (although some of my fellow passengers warned about it). Only problem is I had no sleep at all past 2 nights. Last night, I was drinking and chatting all night with the Serbians in my train couchette. They are all such nice and hospitable people! Obviously all these have eliminated any latent sympathy I may have for Montenegrin independence!

OK, I will soon send my story in Republika Srpska, Bosnia.

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