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Rachel Napoli
Rachel Napoli

Rachel Napoli's appetite for world travel emerged during her teens, after leaving native England to spend summers volunteering in Tanzania and Au Pairing in the Netherlands. She graduated from the London School of Economics in 1996, then took an intensive TEFL course which qualified her to teach English in Greece for the following year. The next phase of her "see the world" project involved a one way ticket to Chile where she began a 12 month solo journey through South America. Rachel made it as far as Ecuador, where she met an American named Jason.

Rachel and Jason soon became inseparable; they married and moved to Chicago. Rachel worked in Corporate Communications and Human Resources in Chicago for five years. In September of 2006, she left with Jason for their latest adventure: 15 months of travel around the world. They are documenting the adventure on their blog. All photos accompanying the article, Sahara Crossing, were taken by Jason Napoli.

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