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Introduction to TanzaniaThe name evokes images of the best wildlife parks in the world, including the wild, untamed Serengeti; or perhaps you might think of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in Africa, and then there is the exotic spice island of Zanzibar, one of the oldest surviving Swahili cities.

Introduction to KenyaThere are mixed emotions about Kenya these days. A few years ago (and even some of these days), when people thought of Kenya, they imagined a safari into the heart of the most amazing wildlife parks in the world. The Kenyan government has done a great job of marketing Kenya (with companies like McDonalds and game shows like Survivor) as the number one African safari country – almost going as far as making people think that the Serengeti and Mt. Kilimanjaro where actually in Kenya, when in fact they are in neighboring Tanzania

Introduction to UgandaUganda is one of those countries that travelers know COULD be great. It’s great in the sense that it has native, untouched forests and mountains, home to some of the last families of mountain gorillas. The beginning of the most famous river in the world, the Nile, which runs all the way to the Mediterranean, starts here. It’s also said that Ugandans, like Malawians, are perhaps the friendliest people in Africa.

When to GoChoosing the best time of year to safari or climb Kilimanjaro is imporant. Learn what to expect in the savanah as well as on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Basic GeographyVolcanoes, rainforest, savanahs, high deserts – what makes East Africa’s landscape so unique?

Getting to East AfricaSo you finally want to see what everyone is talking about? Learn the best routes, airlines, and visa information for starting your trip to East Africa

Safety while travelingWhen some people think about Africa, they picture starvation, war, and Steve Wonder singing “We are the world,” right? And, you think it’s an unsafe place for travelers? Well, that’s wrong! Of course it has its problem, but you have a better chance of being stuck by lighting, then encountering hurt?

Getting AroundThere is an old Swahili proverb regarding travel and the general philosophy in Tanzania. “Haraka, haraka haina baraka,” which literally means “haste makes waste” and usually this proverb refers to traveling. Traveling in East Africa can be an art; one that can tests your patience, stress threshold and ability to let a two hour bus trip turn into an eight hour wild experience.

Society & ConductLearn important cultural conduct while interacting with those interesting locals.

Where to StayTraveling around East Africa can be tiresome – and you will need advice, as well as recommendations on clean, safe places to sleep.

Festivals & EventsNeed to know about what’s happening around East Africa – check out the details on the next up-and-coming festivals.

Off The Beaten Path – Tanzania Learn the unique, interesting and sometimes exotic places where people are starting to travel to.

Learning SwahiliEast Africa has more than 200 languages, but Swahili is spoken by most people. Take a few minutes and learn some of the basic phrases for communicating.

What to See & Do – KenyaKenya may sound a little crazy – and it is! This guide will show you where to go, what to see and how to navigate youself through the chaos.

What to See & Do – TanzaniaNeed to know where all the animals are hiding out? Or the best beach to relax on Zanzibar?

What to See & Do – UgandaYou have heard Uganda has the last remaining mountain gorillas, but also a few groups of rebels lurking around the area. Come here for the most up-to-date advice – and, trust me, there is no reason to worry.

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