Which Country Has the Best Food?

Food is a huge part of travel for many people. The cuisine and dining customs of a country can tell a whole lot about that place, its people, and how daily life is lived.

In our weekly Sunday poll, we want to know what your favorite country in the world for food is.

Vote below, and if your favorite country isn’t on the list, add it!

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Top Countries in the World for Food


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  • Robert Andrew Teran said at 2014-08-22T07:11:24+0000: Peru
  • Nannette Enriquez said at 2014-02-09T18:34:48+0000: Mexico has 6 culinary regions, unfortunately, they are not known in the States ,therefore, as long as the masses request burritos, well, that's what they'll get.
  • Esther Williams said at 2014-02-09T19:48:57+0000: I was surprised to see India at the top. Was expecting Italy or France.