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Day 2 - #Indie30

By Adam Seper   |   April 2nd, 2014   |   Comments (1)

Prompt #2: When, where, what, and with who is the story of your travel origin?  

How: Respond to the prompt – through a blog post, picture, video, drawing, tweet, comment at the bottom of this article – however you want to express yourself. Then tweet and link your response @BootsnAll with the hashtag #indie30
Week 1 theme: Getting to know you
Details: See below

There is one guiding question/prompt each day, followed by a series of questions, ideas, and comments meant to help you dig deeper. These aren’t meant to be answered directly, just to help (feel free to address any, all, or none of the guiding questions below).

When, where, what, and with who is the story of your travel origin?

  • Do you remember a specific event that made you want to travel?
    • Where was it?
    • Who was there?
    • What was said or experienced that made the light in your head go on, saying, “This is for me.”
  • Try to drill it down to a specific moment.
  • A specific date and time that was the transitional, pivotal time in your life 

Tools and inspiration: Each day we’ll add a few links having to do with that day’s topic. If you’re experiencing a creativity block, maybe these can give you a few ideas:

Week 1: Getting to Know You

Each week will have a different theme, and since the entire idea behind this is to make meaningful connections with each other, every prompt this week will have to do with getting to know each other a little better by finding out more about we all travel.

How to participate

We’re inviting anyone from around the world who has a passion for long-term travel to participate in our month-long art project.

You can respond to each day’s prompt however you see fit – through a blog post, a photograph, a video, a painting, a tweet, a Facebook or G+ comment, commenting below – it’s completely up to you!

We’ll share our favorites each day on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. At the end of each week we’ll round up our favorite responses and write a blog post linking to each.

Each Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 EST during April we’ll meld #RTWChat with #indie30. We invite anyone interested to join us to chat about that week’s topic.

It’s never too late to start – find out the nitty gritty details here!

30 Days of Indie Travel project


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  • Phil McGrath said at 2014-04-02T21:30:39+0000: “How long have you been married?” the specialist asked, her tone giving no hint of the gravity of what was to come. “Twenty-nine years” I casually replied. “And would you have chosen not to marry had you known then that this was all the time you had?”That was the moment we both knew that my wife’s life would soon be over and mine would never be the same again. Until then, work had been all-consuming; travel was always something we would do ‘one day’. Helen passed away less than two weeks later.After her funeral I went back to work with the intention of throwing myself into it, but it didn’t take long to realise my heart was no longer in it. Six months later, I bought my first backpack and headed to Thailand’s southern beaches, still wearing my wedding ring to protect me from the advances of younger women who, I was told, would love me long time.That was eight years ago now but one of my most vivid memories is of sitting on the bow of a ferry chugging along just beyond the shadows of the limestone karsts which towered over the crystal clear water, along with a handful of other travellers, assorted livestock and motor bikes, and me with tears welling up in my eyes because Helen would never see that there was this much beauty in the world.Over the following eight years I travelled as often as work would allow and have now seen a fair chunk of the world – with more to come I hasten to add. Favourite destinations have been Morocco, Iceland, the fjords of Norway, the old towns of Eastern Europe, Amsterdam (which brought back wonderful memories of a miss-spent youth), but most of all the Middle East and Iran - the sound of the muezzins calling the faithful to prayer; sleeping under the stars on the deck of a felucca on the Nile; watching the sun set from the top of Mt Sinai and sharing cheap vodka and cherry juice with Tehran university students on the roof of the Zein-o-din Caravanserai in Iran.I have no doubt that travel has changed me for the better, in all sorts of ways. I am more tolerant and patient and I now prefer experiences to stuff, a bungalow on the beach on Koh Yao Noi to a five star, a hand-woven bracelet to a fancy watch, you get the idea.(apologies for simply using the comments but I have no idea how to link a piece of writing like this to a tweet)