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Week 1 Round Up - #Indie30

This first week we’ve had some really amazing and creative replies to our 30 Days of Indie Travel Art Project, and want to share some of the best answers from this week.

Day 1:  How has your world view changed because of travel?


Day 2: What is your travel origin?

We heard a bunch of various reasons and stories about why you got into travel, which was awesome to read since we really felt like we were able to get to know so many of you so much better.


Day 3: Your Travel Style


Day 4: Overland travel

Today saw a slew of various forms of transportation.  From buses to trains to motorcycles to elephants, it seems everyone is unique in what how they love to travel most.


Trains were another big theme.

After all this passion behind your favorite mode of transportation, we were also curious about other passions you may have, which brings us to….

Day 5: What else (besides travel) are you passionate about?

It’s amazing some of the things people are passionate about!  We had a ton of great twitter answers to this.  A lot of you love photography.

We also had a lot of people who love cooking and food (another great compliment to travel)

We had a few people who love reading and/or writing.

Day 5

We also had some random passions totally un-travel related too.



(Now we just need a taco eating superhero!)

  • One of the craziest passions we saw today, came from @loismiddleton, a seemingly innocent, sweet, middle-aged woman who sent us this:


Goes to show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover! And Lois, your “first” skydive?  How many times have you been?  (Also, I may be jealous.)

Day 6: What do you do to save money for long-term travel?

Many people mentioned skipping things like coffee, eating out, shopping, and quitting smoking (good for you!) to save money for travel.  


  • @AnanyaTales sums it up perfectly:


Two readers mentioned Nomadic Matt’s guides to saving money for travel, quoting,

We also heard about using sources like Couchsurfing and WorkAway as ways to help defray some of the spending costs while traveling.

  • @AradInfo wrote her own guide for how to save money for travel, including “First of all, start using an app to track ALL your expenses“, then goes on to give a bunch of specific examples of ways to save money.
  • @pudgyshuman also wrote a guide to saving money, including using reward points, using military discounts (she’s a Navy wife and writes about it), and lots and lots of research.

We also saw this hardworking recommendation:


Day 7: What kind of packer are you?

Many of you swore by packing light.


  • @KristinOsani posted this:


But not everyone prefers to travel with the bare minimum.


We also had some great posts and videos with travel packing advice.

  • @womenontheroad gave us her ridiculously practical list for all types of travel.
  • HouseInTillford gave us her 7 Essentials for Hostel Hopping.
  • @conradzoo tells us (in brutal honesty), “Despite all good advice how and what to pack for your next big trip, the reality is that most people (yes, guilty too) just fill up the backpack to the brim anyway. Why? Because you can.”  Then goes on to give us The Swap List of what items you should (and will) swap out with what you packed once you hit the road.

We also had some great videos.

This whole week, we have really gotten to know about all of you, and love the tweets, photos, videos, and posts that you have sent in.

We are really excited to see your answers for the upcoming prompts, and we hope to see you all today at 12:30PST for our weekly #Indie30/#RTWChat on Twitter!

We also want to shout-0ut a thank you to @IndiaTrvlrsClub , who has been promoting #Indie30 to all their readers.  We have some great responses from them and hope to see even more in the upcoming weeks.

We would also like to mention a really cool particpant, James Couling, who has been answering each question in a rolling diary of the #Indie30.  (He has been giving great answers all week, but the style of the Tumbler blog doesn’t allow us to link to each specific article.  But James we are reading and loving your posts, too!)

Thanks for all your posts and if you haven’t joined the 30 Days of Indie Travel Art Project, it’s never to late to start!   Check out the project page with all the details and each day’s questions!


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  • Cora Bresciano said at 2014-04-12T23:11:35+0000: Thanks so much for including my Glorious Curious posts here...I'm delighted that you enjoyed them! I know that I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all the great posts that have come out of this project, and it's been terrific to connect with fellow bloggers and travelers. I've been buried by other projects for a few days, but I'm back in the game now and looking forward to reading and responding to more fun prompts!
  • Larry Prochazka said at 2014-04-11T01:19:11+0000: Some how I missed this but am glad I found it. Travel has changed my life and made living in the US more challenging. I left the farm in Kansas to go to school in Bowling Green, Kentucky. That drive started it for me when I realized how much world there was out there to see so I decided to see as much as possible. So I took every opportunity to see the US first and then expand. I wanted to live a great life, explore, include others, meet new people, explore different cultures, travel gently and be present, and move when I felt inspired to. I pinch myself looking back as the experiences I’ve been able to have!!! And more are on the way. Travel is a priority and I’ve been sidetracked the past couple years helping my aging parents. But there are many future trips in store. So I’m heading off to organize my travel backpack! Cheers!
  • Lois Middleton said at 2014-04-09T19:31:30+0000: How cool! I love reading about others - they're all friends I just haven't met yet! And bless you for calling me "middle-aged" - I'm a bonafide senior citizen (and loving it!)! Thank you so much for including me in this post - I'm honored and totally surprised! (Had to forward it to my son :) )As to how many skydives I've done - it's 20. I had to quit a few years ago when my health went south but I'm trying like the dickens to get back into it! I love it!! I did that first skydive when I was 52 years old - please please please don't wait until you're that old to start something you really want to do!
  • Abigail Cioffi said at 2014-04-10T04:15:01+0000: Also, I just noticed your mention of James Couling's Tumblr! You can go to individual posts on Tumblr by clicking either the title or the date, and the URL will be post-specific (e.g.
  • Abigail Cioffi said at 2014-04-09T12:35:30+0000: I hate to be "that girl," but under passions you've put "anddontblink’s passion was something he originally hated as a child!" (anddontblink, that's me!) I am a girl lol.Also, I have never properly tried octopus (but would like to!). Excellent round-up
  • Filipa Chatillon de Oliveira said at 2014-04-09T14:39:35+0000: Dani, so cool you're trying our DanceHall moves. Just had a laugh reading that.
  • Jennifer Miller said at 2014-04-09T12:17:07+0000: These are so great! What fun to read!!