Globetrotter Dogma

Globetrotter Dogma

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Here’s a 5 x7, 169-page, take-with-you, soft-cover travel gem, smartly and simply illustrated – the world globe imprinted on the top of each even page and the author as trekker on each odd page, interspersed with drawings pertinent to a canon. There are 104 canons “for escaping the rat race and exploring the world.”

Each canon is followed by one of the author’s travel experiences, thoughts and a quote or two reflecting the dogma. Here’s a sample.

Canon 38: “Objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion.” — Isaac Newton.

Migratory behavior starts early. The first sign is typically sneaking out of the house while parents sleep. Migratory animals can’t help themselves. There is no blueprint for this instinct that’s as wired into our survival as hunger is. The urge to travel is like the impulse to laugh: You can’t teach it, and you can’t take it away.

Every style that is not boring is good. — Voltaire

Chaplain set out to entertain and he created art. And the guys who set out to create art don’t even entertain. — A. I. Diamond

More canons to stimulate your appetite!

Your mind is the strongest muscle in your body.

Go where the locals go.

Pack a literary masterpiece.

Travel is neither an art or a science, but a notion.

The first thing you pack is yourself.

Think before you give.

A sense of wonder, discovery, humor and spirit spreads through and through this book. And the epilogue stirs the traveler in all of us.

Bruce Northam inspires, educates, shocks, entertains and absorbs in his body and mind travels to the edge and beyond. Enjoy the ride!

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