Travellers We’ve All Met – Part II

The Aussie
Without fail, this traveller has been or is on the way to spending two years in the UK. Walking down the street in the Earl's Court or Shephard's Bush areas of London, you'll rarely hear an English accent. They live in 2 bedroom flats with 15 other Aussies, Kiwi's and South Africans and if you go to a pub in London, chances are extremely high that you will be served by someone from the Land Down Under. Having said this, however, you will meet an Aussie almost anywhere in the world; whether it be on a beach in Thailand or piled into a combi in Eastern Europe. Aussies are very proud of their nation's sporting prowess, notably in games introduced by the English (Rugby, Cricket). If you wish to antagonise an Aussie, mention two words…Yahoo Serious.

The Japanese
Tending to hang around in groups, Japanese travellers follow each other around like sheep. They will usually have some piece of hi-tech gadgetry on them. Although fairly quiet and very polite, they are known for being messy cooks and tend not to clean up after themselves in communal hostel kitchens. The female Japanese traveller is characterised by her Spice Girl shoes, brand name clothes and a fair amount of make-up. Their faces are lost in the guide book and they giggle a lot.

The Israeli
Straight out of military service, the Israeli traveller is trim and taut with a short back and sides. They tend to hang out in groups speaking Hebrew and yet are very sensitive to being from Israel. They are hyperactive travellers, preferring vodka to beer and get most of their travel wardrobe from their Army days. They will spend a long time away from their homeland and are experienced and crafty hagglers.

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*Disclaimer: We at BootsnAll understand that stereotypes are oversimplified opinions of patterns within a particular group, lacking any individuality. We are not promoting these views or feel that every one of these patterns is always true. In fact, most of the travellers we have met do not fall into any of these categories, but dabble in all or some of them at one time or another. Just a unscientific count of observations from a group of travellers. Please do not take it personally and have a laugh at them.

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