Exploring Beantown by Bus – Boston, Massachusetts, USA

City of Boston

City of Boston

A great way to tour the amazing city of Boston is by bus. It gives you the freedom to look wherever you choose without the distraction of having to find your own way. There are so many bus tour options, how  does one make a choice?
Mine was easy; I was looking for one that would not only provide great sights, but also teach
me about the area I was visiting. 

In the Boston Total Experience Tour, the greatest parts of the old and new Boston have been combined to give you the best of Boston in one tour. The tour permits you to hop on and off as you please, allowing you to view your favorite spots at your leisure. This feature is wonderful
because I was able to spend as much time as I wanted at the places I was most
interested in seeing.

You get to visit great historical spots like Paul Revere’s midnight ride route, novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne’s home, the “Battle Trail", Quincy Marketplace and Lexington Green. There are pick-ups at select area hotels, making your touring experience that much easier.

Another bus tour I recommend is the three-and-a-half hour Cambridge, Lexington & Concord Tour. This informative tour shows you some of the most recognized landmarks in the areas. You are able to see the exact spot where Paul Revere warned that the British were coming, Harvard Yard – the oldest part of the Harvard University campus, The Old North Bridge, the site of the Battle of Lexington and Concord. This tour is perfect for history buffs, like I am, as well as anyone interested in learning about important aspects of America’s past. 

Replica of the Mayflower II

Replica of the Mayflower II

On the Pilgrims Path Tour you and the other travelers will make a "pilgrimage" south to the historic town of Plymouth – such a neat opportunity to be a part of an
important aspect of our nation’s history.

While in the town, you will be able to see Plymouth Rock, the original site of the Mayflower Pilgrims arrival. Docked nearby is a full-scale reproduction of the original 17th century ship. The Mayflower II is open for your viewing. Located in Plymouth is the Jabez Howland House, the only house where Pilgrims actually lived. It is now a museum of their furniture and artifacts from the time. There
was something for everyone, each member of my family left with a different
version of the experience, great for telling our stories to friends
back at home.

No matter which bus tour you choose, there is no doubt you will be fully entertained and educated by the end of your enjoyable tour day. For more information, check out Boston Tours.

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