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Long-term indie travel is a lifestyle, and BootsnAll offers an abundance of articles that can help you make it yours – check out the following pages to be inspired and learn about the people out there making it happen.

A Life Requirement
A Life Requirement What would it look like if an entire town was populated only by people who had some long-term travel under their belts? Jenn Miller takes a whimsical look at what an imaginary intentional community of travelers might look like.
Traveler Mindset At Home
Traveler Mindset At Home It’s easy to let yourself believe that the trip, the adventure, the journey is the magic that will fix everything. That somehow you’ll discover who you are, and where you’re going, and make peace with where you’ve been on the road. Can I tell you a secret? Travel is not magic. You are.
Do You Travel for Discovery or Escape?
Do You Travel for Discovery or Escape? Traveling to escape is not a new idea. In fact, I think it’s probably as old as humanity itself. You can start there, if you must, but you’re going to learn some things along the way.
Why I Hate the Term “Authentic Travel”
Why I Hate the Term “Authentic Travel” Travel is often referred to as being authentic, but Sarah-Jane Williams describes why she hates this description with a passion!
Reinventing Your Life with Travel
Reinventing Your Life with Travel I think it’s safe to say that the majority of folks hit the wall at some point, look up from their carefully crafted norm and think, “How in the hell did I get here, and what am I doing, anyway?” And the most frustrating part of all is that everyone around us seems to accept this soul-sucking realization as par for the course and they just keep plodding. Is this life? Is this all there is? Is this what it means to be an adult and a responsible member of society? I would submit that the answer is, “Yes,” to the vast majority, but a wild and resounding, “HELL NO!” to a growing minority to whom passion means more than security. Are you looking to make that left turn and really live the second half of your life? Rafat, my friend, this one is for you.
Travel Makes You A Better Person
Travel Makes You A Better Person Maybe it sounds arrogant, but it isn't really, because it's true: Travel does make you a better person, but it's not about where you went or what you did. It's about what you learned and how you let that change you, and it's about what you do with that when you dive back into the real world.
Challenge Yourself and Do Hard Things
Challenge Yourself and Do Hard Things What would you do if you woke up one morning in the middle of an adventure and realized you'd lost everything in a market crash? What are you doing with the precious life you have right now? Jennifer Miller makes a convincing case for the necessity of doing hard things and teaching your kids to too!
Setting Yourself Up for the Life You Want
Setting Yourself Up for the Life You Want Standing at the brink of forty, Jenn Miller is here to tell you why your twenties might just be the most important decade of your life. So many of the decisions we make in our first decade of adulthood carve the path we walk for subsequent ones and determine the level of our freedom.
One Life Is Not Better Than Another
One Life Is Not Better Than Another One life is not better than another: It’s not about whose life is best, it’s about living the life you have on purpose. It’s about not wasting it. It’s about doing the things you’re passionate about, at home or abroad; at home and abroad. Jenn Miller talks about what's more important than what you're doing: your Why.
Finding Pleasure in Simple Moments
Finding Pleasure in Simple Moments It’s entirely possible to take a year and travel the globe and completely miss the point. I know people who have. You probably do, too. The Indie Travel Manifesto encourages us to find pleasure in simple moments. This seems a good goal, to me, regardless of whether you travel back and forth to your village to buy milk and a baguette or whether you get your “big trip” off the ground this year. Let’s take the time to cultivate pleasure in simple moments, at home and abroad.