Round the World Wednesday Travel Articles

Every week, on “Round the World Wednesday” we share tips for planning, budgeting and selecting a route, plus advice on where to go and what to see and do all around the world.

Higher Education For Free?
Higher Education For Free? Jenn Miller has a degree in institutional education and fifteen years of experience in outside the box experience in the alternative education world. She believes travel is a fantastic teacher, that a university degree should be pursued, and that these two dreams are not mutually exclusive. She'll show you how to get high quality education for free and combine your gap year (or two!) with your long range plans for your intellectual education!
Travel: It’s About Personal Transformation
Travel: It’s About Personal Transformation She's said it before, she'll say it again: Travel is not a contest. It’s not a party trick you pull out to increase your winsomeness on a Friday evening in a roomful of strangers. You might have been two years on the road across four continents and if you haven’t learned a damned thing from it then your story matters less than the seventeen year old kid who is one week into her first three week sojourn but who has just had her world rocked forever. Jenn Miller discusses a principle from the Indie Manifesto and examines why personal transformation is the ultimate goal of travel.
Do Things, Not Countries
Do Things, Not Countries Don't tell me you've 'done' Scotland. Why how we speak about the places we've been matters.
A Life Requirement
A Life Requirement What would it look like if an entire town was populated only by people who had some long-term travel under their belts? Jenn Miller takes a whimsical look at what an imaginary intentional community of travelers might look like.
Travel Central America: Honduras to Panama
Travel Central America: Honduras to Panama Central America is such a small slither of land that many indie travelers forget to put it on their travel plan, which is a shame as it has some of the best sights in Latin America. In two parts, Jo Fitzsimons explains how to plan an extended trip in Central America with part 2 covering Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.
Traveler Mindset At Home
Traveler Mindset At Home It’s easy to let yourself believe that the trip, the adventure, the journey is the magic that will fix everything. That somehow you’ll discover who you are, and where you’re going, and make peace with where you’ve been on the road. Can I tell you a secret? Travel is not magic. You are.
Long-Term Travel: What’s the Point?
Long-Term Travel: What’s the Point? I ask a lot of questions as we travel. It’s how I learn. I love to ask fellow travelers about their dreams and their passions and watch their eyes light up. The question I most like to ask is, “Why.” Why are you passionate about that? Why do you travel? To me, a person’s “Why” is like a window into their soul. So, let me ask you, why do YOU travel?
Cheap Travel vs. Budget Travel: There’s a Difference
Cheap Travel vs. Budget Travel: There’s a Difference Budget travel is a way of seeing the world and getting the most value for your money, not a contest to see how cheap someone can travel. Adam Seper is here to give his opinion on the budget traveler vs. the cheap traveler.
Do You Travel for Discovery or Escape?
Do You Travel for Discovery or Escape? Traveling to escape is not a new idea. In fact, I think it’s probably as old as humanity itself. You can start there, if you must, but you’re going to learn some things along the way.
Remembering Why We Travel
Remembering Why We Travel Spending time in places that tick the comfortable travel box can be nice, but you run the risk of returning home with nothing more to show for your airmiles than a change in scenery. Jo Fitzsimons helps you avoid falling into the easy travel trap with a reminder of some of the common reasons why we travel.