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From TV star Anthony Bourdain to movie star Andrew McCarthy to Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler, find out how these and 41 others travel in our popular interview series.

How I Travel: Tony Wheeler
How I Travel: Tony Wheeler It could easily be argued that Tony Wheeler is in the running for ‘Most Influential Traveler Alive.’ In 1972 he and his wife Maureen co-founded Lonely Planet—now the largest guidebook publisher in the world. Before Lonely Planet was a publishing giant, it was just Tony, Maureen and a typewriter. And before they were ready to write that first book, they had to travel. A lot.
How I Travel: Dhani Jones
How I Travel: Dhani Jones Dhani Jones has it all—an NFL career, his own travel show and a pretty sharp line of bow ties. Needless to say he’s a busy man. But between chasing down quarterbacks and laying out his post-season vacation plans Dhani managed to carve out a little time to share his insight with How I Travel about the fine art of going with the flow, his love for New Zealand and why he encourages people to travel alone.
How I Travel: Food, Glorious Food
How I Travel: Food, Glorious Food Food is an integral part of the travel experience and over the course of 33 “How I Travel” interviews, food has come up almost every single time. This week, we take a look back at some of the most fascinating pieces of food related anecdotes, advice and warnings (!) that we’ve received to date.
How I Travel: Kelly Liken
How I Travel: Kelly Liken Kelly Liken knows her way around the kitchen—and she proved it on season 7 of Bravo’s hit show Top Chef. In between cooking at her Vail, Colorado restaurant, traveling to film the Top Chef reunion and planning a trip with her husband, Kelly told us about her favorite meal ever, the glories of Mexican street food and the (secret) island that she fell in love with.
How I Travel: Amanda Pressner
How I Travel: Amanda Pressner Amanda Pressner is best known by the quasi-pseudonym she shares with two of her closest friends: The Lost Girls. Pressner, along with co-authors Holly Corbett and Jennifer Baggett blogged their journey at which has become an online hub for savvy female travelers thirsting for adventure. Upon returning home, they signed a book deal and over the summer, their joint-travelogue The Lost Girls: Three Friends. Four Continents. One Unconventional Detour Around the World. was published by Harper Collins.
How I Travel: Susan Orlean
How I Travel: Susan Orlean Susan Orlean is more than a travel writer—she’s a storyteller, who happens to tell lots of stories about foreign and exotic places. To date she’s published seven books, including "The Orchid Thief." This week, Susan talks to How I Travel about why she’s so in love with life on the road, her first experiences as a road-tripping writer, why she likes to travel with an objective in mind and her method for choosing a good spot to eat.
How I Travel: Anthony Bourdain
How I Travel: Anthony Bourdain Any traveler who lives to eat or foodie who loves to travel knows Anthony Bourdain - an opinionated former-chef with a penchant for pork who delivers delicious doses of snark in every episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. This week, he gave How I Travel a little piece of his mind...and we happily ate it up.
How I Travel: Claire Bevilacqua
How I Travel: Claire Bevilacqua Claire Bevilacqua is a thoughtful, a ripping surfer and a true travel aficionado. The 2003 Australian Juniors champ made the jump to the pro circuit as a 22 year old and hasn’t looked back since. This week, she took a break from the hustle of the pro tour to chat with “How I Travel.”
How I Travel: Andrew Evans
How I Travel: Andrew Evans Andrew Evans has packed a lot of life into his 35 years—he’s a writer, an endless wanderer and (recently) a bus passenger heading from Washington D.C. to Antarctica. With the story of his Antarctic adventure hitting newsstands in this month’s National Geographic Traveler, Andrew agreed to kick some of his travel wisdom our way.
How I Travel: Priscilla Levac
How I Travel: Priscilla Levac Priscilla Levac is a professional snowboarder, clothing designer and all around lifestyle artist. This week the self-proclaimed “Easy-Going Princess” took time out of her schedule to talk about how travel is like a river, the joys of raw food and falling in love on the road.