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If you’re one of those travelers who comes home from a trip exhausted because you just did too much, then this section is for you. Travel is not a contest, and there’s no prize for seeing the most cities over the course of a year-long RTW trip. Find out the benefits of slow travel along with a bunch of tips for getting more out of your trip by taking a breath and digging deeper into the culture you’re visiting.


Slow Down!
Slow Down! With your map unrolled on the dining room table, it's tempting to keep adding dots to your itinerary. After all, you don't want to miss anything! Grab a glass of wine and sit down with Jenn Miller as she explains why they've learned to travel slower, and see the benefits of a less hectic pace for long-term travel.
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When Travel Loses Its Luster
When Travel Loses Its Luster Long-term travel… doesn't it sound romantic? The 'ideal' life for a serious wanderlust. While still recommending it as a rewarding lifestyle choice, Rachel Denning shares how long-term travel isn't all gorgeous vistas and vintage cafes. If you think you want to travel long-term, you better prepare yourself to face these inevitable vicissitudes.
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Slow Travel in the Loire Valley
Slow Travel in the Loire Valley Contrary to popular belief, indie travel isn't one long vacation and slowing down from time to time can help re-energize your travels. With leisurely sights, award-winning food and wine and natural beauty, Jo Fitzsimons explains why the Loire Valley in France is the perfect place to slow down.
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Why and How to Embrace Long-term Slow Travel
Why and How to Embrace Long-term Slow Travel A vacation is good, a summer's travel is better, a RTW journey is a classic, a gap year can be epic, but why stop there? People all around the world are embracing a life of Longterm Slow Travel; Jenn Miller, in her fifth year of full-time travel, introduces you to a few of her friends, introduces you to the how and the why, and gives you ten good reasons you should just keep going.
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