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What would travel be without other travelers? Sure, meeting locals is a great part of traveling, but so is meeting other travelers, and there are lots of you out there who are doing some pretty amazing things.

Dream Big and Travel Far
Dream Big and Travel Far Melissa Bannigan did what few single mothers have the courage to do: she quit her job so that she could educate her own child and travel the world. She's created a business out of her passion and now works to inspire and empower other women to follow their dreams and live passion driven lives. And now, she's inviting girls to join her on life changing adventures in Peru!
How to Make Friends in a Foreign City
How to Make Friends in a Foreign City Spain is a terrific country to visit, but what happens when carefree traveler days turn into antsy expat months, and you realize that "making friends" isn't as oh-so-breezy as your teenage self believed? Manal A. Khan recounts her hunt for congenial companions in the adopted home of Madrid.
The Best of 30 Days of Indie Travel
The Best of 30 Days of Indie Travel #Indie30 may be over, but we wanted to reflect back one last time with our favorite post and tweet from all 30 days of our community art project.
10 Things Backpackers Do But Don’t Admit
10 Things Backpackers Do But Don’t Admit Many backpackers love to remind you how green, tolerant, ethical, understanding, and open-minded they are, but some of that tends to go out the window in real life. Kaila Krayewski shares 10 observations of on-the-road hypocrisy here.
Travel “Rules”
Travel “Rules” Is it possible that the "rules" we follow when traveling are actually limiting the experience for some travelers?
A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life Join David Joshua Jennings in a Tibetan Settlement in south India for a average day in the life of a long-term traveler.
Make Meaningful Connections
Make Meaningful Connections At BootsnAll, our core values guide everything we do, including the articles we publish. We think these values not only fit the company brilliantly, they speak to many of the things we love about travel, too. Here are some of the best articles we've published that showcase one (or more) of these core values.
A Dozen Reasons Why
A Dozen Reasons Why Jenn Miller asks another dozen wanderers why they travel. The answers are as interesting and varied as the travelers. Have you answered the big question yet? Why do you travel?
Travel: It’s About Personal Transformation
Travel: It’s About Personal Transformation She's said it before, she'll say it again: Travel is not a contest. It’s not a party trick you pull out to increase your winsomeness on a Friday evening in a roomful of strangers. You might have been two years on the road across four continents and if you haven’t learned a damned thing from it then your story matters less than the seventeen year old kid who is one week into her first three week sojourn but who has just had her world rocked forever. Jenn Miller discusses a principle from the Indie Manifesto and examines why personal transformation is the ultimate goal of travel.
Meta Mindset of the Long-Term Traveler
Meta Mindset of the Long-Term Traveler The list of the positive aspects of travel would is inexhaustible, but to only document the positive side of long-term travel would be to paint an incomplete picture of what it can do to your relationships, your body, and your mind.