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Travel blogging has grown from a select few to hundreds to hundreds of thousands, and everyone has a different reason for doing it. Some simply want to have the memories of their trip in electronic form. Some dream of funding their trip by blogging. There’s a lot more to making a living by blogging than setting off with a laptop, so check out the articles we have to see if you have what it takes.

The Best of 30 Days of Indie Travel
The Best of 30 Days of Indie Travel #Indie30 may be over, but we wanted to reflect back one last time with our favorite post and tweet from all 30 days of our community art project.
Looking For Adventure
Looking For Adventure #Indie30 may be over, but there is still lots to learn from our month-long art project. Here are our favorite submissions from the final week, and we'll have one more round-up that highlights our favorites from each day of the project. Stay tuned!
Travel Advice
Travel Advice On our final day of #Indie30, we share the best travel advice we've ever received and dole out some of our own.
Design Your Own Hostel
Design Your Own Hostel Have you ever sat around the hostel after a few drinks and said, "We should totally open our own hostel!"? Well today you get your chance!
Music and Travel
Music and Travel Music and travel go hand in hand for many people. Are there any songs that just make you want to get up and go? What about any songs that remind you of past travels? Share them with us!
Holidays Abroad
Holidays Abroad Long-term travelers inevitably end up celebrating holidays away from home. We want to hear some stories about celebrating holidays in other cultures.
The Perfect Trip
The Perfect Trip Hypotheticals are always fun, and today we want to know where you would go and what you would do if time and money were no factor.
Travel Photos
Travel Photos Most travelers love to take photos while traveling. Today we want you to show off some of your favorite pictures!
Terrible Accommodations
Terrible Accommodations If you've traveled long enough, you've probably stayed at least one night in some pretty horrific conditions. Feel free to get creative with today's prompt!
Roam If You Want To
Roam If You Want To 3 weeks down, 1 week to go! Check out our favorite submissions from the third week of our Indie Travel Art Project, and find out how you can join in on the fun! It's never too late to start.