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Biking in Australia
Biking in Australia Jay Jacobson's passion for cycling takes him into Australia on several trips, with his wife and solo, for a total of hundreds and hundreds of miles.
Australia’s Hidden Gem – Adelaide
Australia’s Hidden Gem – Adelaide Suzer Wills had heard Adelaide referred to as Australia's largest country town, as well as its hidden gem. The latter description is definitely more appropriate.
Three-Day Train Journey through the Heartland of Australia – Australia
Gavin Wilk took a three-day train journey through Australia and experienced the true vastness and essence of the "Land Down Under".
The Indian Pacific Railroad – Perth to Sydney, Australia
The Indian Pacific Railroad – Perth to Sydney, Australia home_sept9_aus.jpgLeif Pettersen gets a fr
Adelaide Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Adelaide Where is it located?: Adelaide it located in South Australia, near the border of Victoria, on the southern coast. Why do people go there?: For a perfectly laid out city with a manageable population and world-class wineries nearby, head to Adelaide. Also near the fantastic Ocean Road, and the start/end […]
Adelaide, South Australia – September 1999
Adelaide, South Australia – September 1999 After visiting perhaps Australia's best market, es
Adelaide, South Australia – October 1999
An adventure on the River Murray is a must for all
Adelaide, South Australia – August 1999
A great introduction to the place voted "Most Liva
Introduction – Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Adelaide has lots of lovely old pubs. Allan Taylors shares a few of his favorites.
Travels without a Plan #11
Picking up a ride at the hostel heading up to Alice Springs, stopping off on the way at Coober Pedy, Uluru, the Olgas and King's Canyon, helps save a bit of cash.