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Antwerp – How to get there by plane – Antwerp, Belgium
If you're heading to Antwerp, Karlien Van Houtte will get you there.
Antwerp, Belgium – August 2001
It’s a hot summer evening when I’m writing this – 30 degrees Celcius last time I checked, a bit too hot for me, though we did just have a brief rainshower. I went to the opening night of the Sfinks festival (see last month’s article) last night and had a blast. As in July, you’ll […]
Antwerp, Belgium – July 2001
Summer is the ideal time for a visit to Antwerp. Not only because you have a better chance the weather will be good (no guarantees though) or because it gets dark later (around 10pm), but also because there are a lot of events. It’s impossible to list everything happening in the city, but I’ve tried […]
Antwerp, Belgium – May 2001
Antwerp for Free Travelling on a tight budget? No worries, there’s lots of things you can do here for free. Enjoy! To locate the sights mentioned above, take a look at this online city map. If you need to take a bus or tram to get somewhere, a single ticket costs only 40BF; a ticket […]
Antwerp, Belgium – March 2001
Pubs This being the first article I write here, I started wondering what was most precious to me in Antwerp. What do I miss when I’m away? Why should others visit Antwerp? Then I thought: the nightlife, the Antwerp pub scene. And because it can be hard to choose what pubs to go to when […]
Antwerp, Belgium – General Info
With roughly half a million inhabitants, Antwerp is the second-largest city of Belgium (after Brussels, the capital). It’s also home to the world’s largest diamond industry. When you’re in Belgium, don’t just visit Brugge and Brussels (though these are sure worth a visit), but stop by Antwerp as well. For info on what’s going on […]