Bali Travel Articles

Me, My Girl, and a Frost Free February #14: Indonesia (Bali and Java) – Indonesia
A lot of people asked Selena if she was worried about traveling in Indonesia - friends, other travelers and, most surprisingly, Indonesians.
Yes, We Have No Banana Pancakes #12: Juni in Bali – Bali, Indonesia
With birthdays at the beginning and end of June, Shannon and Erica spent the month wandering Bali with Shannon's parents.
Paul Kan’s Asia Journal
Paul Kan’s Asia Journal Paul's account of his trip to north and south east Asia after being laid off from
his NYC banker job.
Motorbike Mayhem in Bali – Bali, Indonesia
Deb Ashby hates motorized transport, so imagine he
How I Nearly Killed a Goldfish by Flushing the Toilet – Bali, Indonesia
At posh hotels people pay top dollar for an authen
Reflections in an Airport – Bali, Indonesia
Barrie Lie-Birchall found plenty of time for peopl
Pursuit of the Endless Summer #14
Krazy Kuta “TRANSPORT? MASSAGE? BRAID YOUR HAIR? SARONG? TOE RING? PINEAPPLE? HASHISH?” The endless barrage of hawkers accosted us while we walked down the street attempting to dodge them, puddles, and the screeching motor scooters that zoomed by perilously close. Welcome to Indonesia and it’s most popular tourist destination, Kuta Beach. Travellers have a love/hate […]
Chasing Horizons #20: Whoa!!! I\’m going to Bali – Bali, Indonesia
Renting his own transport gave Phil the freedom he needed to explore the island of Bali on his own terms and at his own pace.
Paul Kan’s Asia Journal #1: Mar. 29-Apr. 4, Bali – Indonesia
Frustrating at first, but as Paul settles in he decides another trip will be needed to fully appreciate Bali.
PlanetRovers – Bali
Selamat from BaliUpdated February 2nd, 2001 The frenzy of activity that greeted us as we exited the customs area of the airport in Bali was all too reminiscent of our experience in Tonga. There was madness everywhere – people, people, people swarming about. No sign of tourist information. No sign of local transport. No sign […]