Barcelona Travel Articles

Local Attractions – Barcelona, Spain
Kate Cypcar guides you through the top sites in her temporary home, Barcelona.
Dinner and Bed in Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain
Stuff yourself silly and then go to bed!
Introduction to Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain
Kate Cypcar has background info, how to get around, and local services in Barcelona.
Traveler Protect Yourself – Barcelona, Spain
Thinking of heading to Barcelona? Stewsherpa has
Sketches of Spain – Barcelona, Spain
Memories are imperfect, and Ibsen Moy wonders if t
Tour of Duty: An art pilgrimage in southern Europe #3: Moving with the Moderniste in Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain
Full of life and street-wise tenacity, Barcelona is a brash city that is as New York is to America, minus the skyscrapers.
When Good Parades Go Bad – Barcelona, Spain
When Good Parades Go Bad – Barcelona, Spain Erik R. Trinidad thought he was watching a parade
Searching for Something #5: The Art & Culture Tour – Madrid, Barcelona and Figureres, Spain
Spain is home to amazing architecture and the paintings of renown artists, but some of the most interesting work is hidden in a Barcelona hotel room.
Chasing Gypsies – Barcelona, Spain
Chasing Gypsies – Barcelona, Spain Everyone Christine Michaud met had warned her about Gitanos, the Iberian Gypsies. Which is why she wandered into a barrio with the flimsiest of invitiations.
The Troubling Tagalong
Anne Paige Austin is a 20-something looking for anything but trouble, yet somehow it keeps finding her.