Belize Travel Articles

Paget’s Belize Journal #5
Saturday, June 19: Saturday in San Pedro Gradually sorting out what I’m here to do. Last night I went to the annual banquet of the Belize Tourism Industry Association at the grand opening of a convention center facility – banquet, awards, speeches, dance. Only a few differences between this and the run-of-the-mill event those of […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #15
October 7: Day-to-Day Life – Part 1: Avoiding Nocturnal Mosquito Bites It appears to be true that mosquitoes do not land in a breeze and that although they can bite through cloth, it has to be taut enough to give them some drilling purchase. So here are a few techniques for not getting bitten while […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #34
December 15: Tobacco Caye: A “Trip” The plan after my night at the lodge with Capt. Frank, Sgt. Alejandro and the drunk (a Saturday) was that we would meet on the street in front of my house at 7:30 am for our day trip to Tobacco Caye. Now there was a time in my life […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #24
November 6: Food Experiments Even though Belizeans (or at least the Garifuna) are content to eat beans and rice and stewed chicken every day, the food here is really quite good and varied. The fresh fish and shellfish of course are wonderful. I’ve also braved the local Chinese restaurant and it’s excellent. Satisfies my lust […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #43
January 25: The Last Few Days Well, I’m back home, taking hot showers and goggling at all the white people. But I have a few more thoughts in me about Belize. If it’s not as interesting because the dramatic tension is gone (or for any other reason), just let me know. First I want to […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #14
October 5: Dock Activities, Yoga and Nightlife One of the reasons I will be very sad to leave Pelican Beach Resort (when I finally find a house) is the dock. It’s about 120 feet out into the ocean and 8 to 10 feet wide. The water underneath is quite shallow, no more than 2-4 feet […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #33
December 15: A Belizean Week-end I got a little more adventurous this weekend and ended up with some typically Belizean experiences, unlike my usual mode which is mostly observation. On Saturday night I finally visited a Belizean bar (a real one, not the kind at a resort) with Capt. Frank, Sgt. Alejandro and another guy. […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #23
November 2: Observations on Transportation As I think I’ve mentioned, there’s not much in the way of paved roads in Belize. There’s a big project to pave the Southern Highway and most of the Hummingbird Highway is paved, and also the roads between the major population centers in the north. But in general, roads are […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #42
January 18: Red Bank, Scarlet Macaws, Gray Skies My last nature trip in Belize was a good one, very strange and jungly. We (Godfrey the guide, a couple from Las Vegas and me) started out from Dangriga a little before 6:00 am to drive to Red Bank, a Mayan/Indian village south of here so we […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #13
October 4: Security and SNORKELING! Just a short note to finish the security topic for now and then on to the good stuff. The point of all this security is not physical protection but possessions protection. As I was told, “The Garifuna, they like to thieve a bit, but they will never hurt you, no.” […]