Belize Travel Articles

Paget’s Belize Journal #22
October 23: A Weather Report or, What they think is cold Here’s another Belize weather report for you: GENERAL SITUATION: COLD FRONT AFFECTING THE COUNTRY! TEMPERATURES: HIGHS(TODAY) COASTAL 30C/86F INLAND 30C/86F LOWS(TONIGHT) COASTAL 20C/68 INLAND 16C/61F And that’s what Belize thinks is cold! October 23: Minimum Wage I know it’s foolish to comment on politics […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #41
January 14: Caye Caulker Again After my haircut I went walking around the village to see what I could see. This is a nice little beach town (in the middle of the ocean), pretty much focused on tourism and water sports. One end of the island is mangrove swamp and apparently good for bird-watching via […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #12
October 1: Housing Styles and Security A few people have expressed some interest in the security measures that are in place here, presumably because of my mention both of the issue of security bars on houses and the night security man at Pelican Beach. For Dangriga in general, it appears that neighbors look out for […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #31
December 7: Thanksgiving in Mexico Thanksgiving in Mexico with Carol’s friends was a good combination of traditional and local color. Carol and J.B. are back in Bacalar, located about 10 miles from Chetumal (just across the Belize border) on a beautiful lake called “Lake of the Seven Colors.” The water is very clear and still […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #21
October 19: Hopkins Village Part II There are a few more things I want to relate about my visit to Hopkins before I forget. Hopkins is primarily a fishing village, the fishing boats (really slightly enlarged rowboats in a variety of colors – mostly blues) are just pulled up onto the beach. “Our” boat, that […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #40
January 10: Caye Caulker – The Haircut Well, my trip to Caye Caulker was one of those mixed experiences. The water taxi from Belize City takes about 45 minutes and it was threatening to rain and the wind was pretty chilly. But since you’re packed in with (officially) 31 other tourists and locals it’s not […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #11
September 28: More Weather; Sensations; Housing Today Dangriga is back to being a refreshingly breezy coastal community, but when I first arrived here, it was very still. The staff at Pelican Beach (the resort where I’m staying temporarily) say it’s because the two hurricanes that ran up the coast in the last two weeks were […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #30
December 1: Traveling to Mexico Getting to and from Mexico and across the border was half the fun of the Thanksgiving trip to Bacalar to visit Carol (a friend from the States, “wintering” there). I flew from Dangriga to Belize City on one of those wondrous 10-passenger, 2-prop island hoppers. Since there was only me […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #20
October 19: A Weekend in Hopkins Village Since I didn’t have a new bedstead and I still had quite a few not-so-tiny roommates, I decided to get on the bus and go to Hopkins – a small Garifuna village about 20 miles from Dangriga – for the weekend. It was a good adventure. First, I […]
Paget’s Belize Journal #4
Friday, June 18: Flying to San Pedro; Sand Crabs Here I am in San Pedro (Canon Beach, or maybe Rockaway Beach at 110 degrees with dreadlocks) and finally got a connection that seems “normal” in a streetside lab ($16/hr US to rent a machine and Internet connection). Flew over in two different 8-passenger twin-engine something […]