Denmark Travel Articles

Planning a Trip to Scandinavia
Planning a Trip to Scandinavia Northern Europe is one of the most fascinating regions in the world with its vast, raw landscapes, amazing architecture, and sophisticated cities. Brooke Thio shares essential information to help you plan your trip around Scandinavia and its neighbors.
An Unfiltered Beer Tour of Denmark
An Unfiltered Beer Tour of Denmark Danish beer is not just Carlsberg, as Jane Graham illustrates in this fascinating tour of Denmark's thriving microbreweries hidden away in the most inviting of places.
Timeless Copenhagen
Timeless Copenhagen The posh Frederiksberg - a municipality within and encircled by Copenhagen - boasts a City Hall of its own, near which there is a place where time has nearly stood still - Café Intime.
Denmark with a T
Denmark with a T Terje Raa takes a tour of Copenhagen with a new friend, transgender Malene, and learns about the struggles she faces in the city.
Copenhagen Jazz Fever
Copenhagen Jazz Fever Where is Orion Brass Band when they are supposed to do a street parade? A colleague waiting for the official opening of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2010, suggests they could be busy emptying small glasses in the bars along the route.
Copenhagen on Water – Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen on Water – Copenhagen, Denmark The harbor buses of Copenhagen need no roads, claims Terje Raa - only water.
Locks and Herring, Can Compensate Everything – Copenhagen, Denmark
Deniz Gezik is impressed by everyday artistry in Denmark
Planes, Trains and Good Times at Roskilde Festival, Denmark – Roskilde, Denmark
Roskilde has got to be one of the best organised festivals around now, and as word of it spreads, so too will the nationalities making the pilgrimage.
Lock, Stock and Copenhagen – Copenhagen, Denmark
home_feb4_cop.jpgRay Leung sees hookers, eat
A Day From Hell – Copenhagen, Denmark
A broken foot, drunken hostel-mates and tricky lig