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How to Spend a Perfect 24 Hours in Dublin
How to Spend a Perfect 24 Hours in Dublin It's the greatest place in the world for a pint of 'the black stuff', but if you really want to get to know this Celtic capital, Jessica McGovern has some native recommendations for the perfect day in Dublin.
St Patrick’s Day, Irish Style – Dublin, Ireland
Travel stories from Dublin, Ireland - St Patrick's Day.
Gaelic Footbal and Hurling – Dublin, Ireland, Europe
Michael O'Sullivan suggests seeing a game of Gaelic football or Hurling, if you are in Dublin over the summer months. These two unique Irish sports exude passion throughout the country.
Journey of Drink Through Europe – London, Rome, Greece, Germany, Dublin, Scotland, Europe
When Fiona Sanguinetti left for Europe, she wanted to see the requisite cultural sites, but, more importantly, she wanted to mingle with the locals - what better way than in their drinking establishme
Traditional Irish Pubs – Dublin, Ireland, Europe
Traditional Irish Pubs – Dublin, Ireland, Europe Where can you find a traditional Irish pub in Dublin that also serves food and has live traditional Irish music? S. Griffin outlines some of the best options - a few are well known and others are held
The Smallest Pub in Ireland – Dublin, Ireland
Charles Gillis finds Dawson Lounge, "the smallest pub in Ireland".
Tips for Dublin – Dublin, Ireland
Mandie Diez offers tips to enjoying Dublin.
Dancing Through Dublin – Dublin, Ireland
Dancing Through Dublin – Dublin, Ireland When his feet are sore and he's lost, Leif Petters
Cindy’s UK Tour #4: The Quest for the Pot of Gold – Dublin, Northern Ireland
Exploring this amazing natural phenomenon, combined with a great hike, makes for an awesome day trip.
With the Sea Always On My Right: County Dublin
County Dublin The plane swung out wide over the Irish Sea and presented me with a sweeping view of Dublin Bay before descending over the Howth Peninsula to land. There were large patches of green in the water. Earlier I had my first glimpse of Ireland when we had landed at Shannon to pick up […]