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A Few Experiences in French Polynesia – Pacific Islands
Dan Heinrich's mother spends the last of her inheritance on a family vacation in Bora Bora; her enthusiasm rubs off on him, initially.
Of Ships and Sea – Pacific Islands
Thomas H. Booth writes about the best short voyages in the Pacific Islands.
French Polynesia Travel Facts
The Basics Country: French Polynesia Where is it?: Oceania, archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, about one-half of the way from South America to Australia Why do people go here?: Francophiles meet the Pacific. It’s hot, it’s happening, it’s trendy, and has been for years. Tahiti is the epitome of a swanky pacific island, although […]
A Trip to French Polynesia (3 of 3)
A Trip to French Polynesia (3 of 3) Here are answers to a few other questions often asked about the Aranui, a typical cruise is made up of about half Americans and half Europeans. There is an ice machine and water fountain in the reception area. A running tab can be kept in both the boutique and the bar and paid the last […]
A Trip to French Polynesia (2 of 3)
Also one flight up from the reception area on the remodeled side of the ship is an enclosed bar with several bar stools and two padded benches. Outside of the air-conditioned bar/lounge is the outdoor swimming pool with lots of deck chairs and loungers. Behind the bar is a small dance floor. The bar is […]
A Trip to French Polynesia (1 of 3)
A Trip to French Polynesia (1 of 3) Ron Slaughter embarks on a South Pacific cruise wi