Galway Travel Articles

Galway, Ireland – Restaurants
From 1847 to 1851, the Irish Potato Famine killed over a million people (and enticed a couple million more to emigrate), but even the survivors were still left hungry. If time and progress – along with Ireland’s newfound economic prosperity – heal such wounds, though, in Galway this healing has taken the form of dozens […]
Galway, Ireland – Excursions
Galway is nice, but one of the nicest aspects of the city is how easy it is to leave. Galway’s location makes it the epicenter for exploring the west of Ireland, and most northwestern and southwestern destinations are still only a few hours’ bus ride away. Bus Eireann is Ireland’s major bus service provider. There […]
Galway, Ireland – Contacting the Outside World
Sooner or later, you’ve got to call or e-mail home, but no worries: Galway is pretty nicely teched-up. However, there are a also few things to watch out for… Phones Whenever possible, do not make phone calls during the day! Daytime rates are ridiculously high; once you get off the phone and realize you have […]
Galway, Ireland – Accommodation
Unlike the nightmare of finding accommodation in Dublin, Galway is a dream. Considering the size of the city and the amount of travelers it receives, there are plenty of hostels, and below is a partial selection. For more info on hostels in Galway and in Ireland as a whole, check out Independent Holiday Hostels of […]