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Guide to Munich’s Oktoberfest
Guide to Munich’s Oktoberfest Munich's infamous Oktoberfest is the world's best beer swilling, sausage guzzling, standing on tables and singing, debauched, lederhosen wearing celebration of beer.
Cycling the Elbe – Germany, Europe
Cycling the Elbe – Germany, Europe Jennifer Miller's cycling adventure with her family made everyone appreciate the little things in life: sunshine, ice cream, dryness and health.
Berlin Breakdown – Germany, Europe
Berlin Breakdown – Germany, Europe Reinserting the Wall helped Terje Raa get acquainted with the localities in Berlin.
Confessions of a Therme Addict – Konstanz, Germany, Europe
Mia McCroskey gains new respect for the German obsession with thermal baths.
A Brief Encounter on a First Visit to Munich, Hofbrauhaus and Oktoberfest – Germany, Europe
A Brief Encounter on a First Visit to Munich, Hofbrauhaus and Oktoberfest  – Germany, Europe Young Pete Day's first hitchhiking adventure in Europe was a "pilgrimage" to the Hofbrauhaus, to the Oktoberfest - with a brief flirtation.
Biking the Bodensee – Germany, Europe
TW Strawderman and several friends spent their holiday biking Lake Constance - an area of Europe you're not likely to find many Americans. If what you’re looking for is an active vacation with his
The Luxury Tax – Asia, Europe, South America
Adam Jeffries Schwartz looks with humor at the dreaded luxury tax.
You’re Still The One – Why I Love Berlin – Berlin, Germany, Europe
After five days of travel in the Baltics, Saricie Kuo went to Berlin, in time for the Love Parade. This trip reconfirmed why Kuo considers Berlin his favorite city in the world.
German and Italian Trains – Germany, Italy, Europe

Adam Jeffries Schwartz subjects German and Italian trains to a personality test.


Journey of Drink Through Europe – London, Rome, Greece, Germany, Dublin, Scotland, Europe
When Fiona Sanguinetti left for Europe, she wanted to see the requisite cultural sites, but, more importantly, she wanted to mingle with the locals - what better way than in their drinking establishme