Goa Travel Articles

A Fleeting Moment of Paradise in Goa
A Fleeting Moment of Paradise in Goa Mike 'hazeltree' Thompson finds an enchanting paradise in Goa but only for a fleeting moment...
Is the Party Over – Goa, India, Asia
Colin Todhunter discovered that Goa’s underbelly is dirty, corrupt and well thought out.
Surviving Mumbai: From the Airport to Victoria Station – India, Asia

Josh Bloomer lands in Mumbai/Bombay with no preparation. He negotiates a ticket to Goa, getting a full dose of the famous Mumbai heat. In 36 hours, he feels he has been in India for weeks.

Long Lost Winter – Anjuna, Goa, India
Colin Todhunter longs to return to Anjuna.
Goa’ing The Distance – Goa, India
Lee Abbamonte decides the t-shirt is telling the truth: in India it really is better in Goa.
Calangute: Nightmare in Paradise – Goa, India
Calangute, Goa is commercialism overlaid with more commercialism.
Moonlight in Goa – Goa, India
Colin Todhunter has the perfect idea for a video g
My Favourite Beaches of Goa – Goa, India
My Favourite Beaches of Goa – Goa, India Priya Shah knows the best beaches in Goa - and they're not the ones in every other Goa travel guide or information brochure.
Vagator Beach, India
Vagator Beach, India A great place to spend your honeymoon is on this G