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Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #2
Yellowstone, the Gilded Coral Snail and 2120 South Michigan Avenue Willoughby, Ohio April 8, 2001 Scoreboard: 10 states I have to start this installment with a confession. When I first wake up I’m an idiot. For 45 minutes or so I can’t comprehend the most basic concepts, can’t carry on a decent conversation, mess up […]
A Very Subjective Tour of Chicago (1 of 2)
Harry Carry, Haystacks, humidors - whatever your i
Chicago Guide to Great Grubbins
For a map of the Chicago Train System, click here. Prices shown are average spent per person. THAI Thai Bowl (1049 W. Taylor Street, 312-226-5865, under $10) (El Stop-Halsted Blue) Pad thai is one of the staples at these mom and pop joints, and Thai Bowl blows away the competition with their big bowl of […]
Chicago, Illinois – August 1999
Chicago, Illinois – August 1999 Last Halloween I saw a theater show that completely enraptured me, like nothing I had ever seen before. It was Redmoon Theater’s Halloween Lantern Parade and Spectacle, and hundreds of people were gathered around the steps of the Field Museum to see their free performance. Skeletons danced and beat on drums while telling a story […]
Chicago, Illinois – June 1999
There are certain things in Chicago that are very hidden. Some things that one would never realize without getting out there and trying to experience new and different things. I happened to be lucky enough to experience a very powerful essence of Chicago’s rich history a few years ago. I was lucky enough to actually […]
Chicago, Illinois – May 1999
Spring is here! Officially, Spring arrived back in March-although in Chicago that doesn’t mean jack. But now that the temperatures are hovering around the mid-70s, it can be safe to assume that winter is finally over, and people from the city are flocking to the glorious shores of Lake Michigan to hang out and have […]
Guide to the Best Chicago Bars – Chicago, Illinois, USA
Guide to the Best Chicago Bars First of all, a good website and THE premier paper for music shows and what’s going on in Chicago is the Chicago Reader. For a map of the Chicago Train System, click here. Music Venues ROCK Lounge Ax (2438 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-525-6620) (El Stop-Fullerton Brown, Purple, Red) A […]
General Info on Chicago – Chicago, Illinois, USA
Sponsored by Chicago International Hostel General Info on Chicago If the United States are one big melting pot, then Chicago is definitely one of the spiciest flavors of the stew. With dozens of ethnic communities, artistic villages, and entertainment districts, the City of Big Shoulders can please even the most scrutinizing pleasure-seeker. Lake Michigan also […]
Chicago, Illinois – April 1999
Chicagoans seem to easily take their wonderful city for granted. For example, take Buckingham Fountain, which is located in Grant Park—no pun intended (OK, it was a poor and intentional joke). Something that struck my interest recently was the announcement that Buckingham Fountain will be choreographed with music this year. Curious, I just had to […]