Jordan Travel Articles

Travels With Nate #9: Aquba – Petra, Jordan
Ian is spending a few days wandering around the famous city of Petra and yes, he saw the same building as in the Indiana Jones movie!
Searching for Something #9: Pilgrimage to Petra – Petra, Jordan
Even waiting 18 hours for a ferry can make for a good travel experience, but crossing 8-lane roads on foot is another story.
This Jordan Doesn’t Play Basketball – Petra, Jordan
The Treasury, which once captivated Indiana Jones,
Vast, Echoing and God-like – Jordan
Vast, Echoing and God-like – Jordan Wadi Rum is simply one of the world's most picture
The Terrifyingly Friendly Land – Jordan
Stacy Ashworth doesn't know why Jordanians are so
Travels With Nate #14: Hama – Palmyria – Deir e Zur
Crusaders, castles, ruins... and ruins... and more ruins. Nate, Ian and Chris are bloody sick of ruins. But the locals are fun.
Travels With Nate #11: Jerash, Jordan
Putting your foot down to keep the taxi drivers from ripping you off in Jerash can wind up costing you JD55. Read on to find out how...
Travels With Nate #12: Amman, Jordan to Damascus, Syria
Syria is great – save of course for those blasted taxi drivers. But between getting lost in the old city and gorging themselves on great food, Nate and Ian are loving the Middle East.
Travels With Nate #10: Amman, Jordan
Nate's not too keen on the idea, but Ian tries to turn camels into mountain-climbers to surprise some friends.
Travels With Nate #8: Luxor – Dahab – Nuweiba (town of doom) – Aquba, Jordan
Ian left a part of himself on the mountain while climbing Mt Sinai. Catching the ferry to Jordan from Nuweiba proves to be very difficult.