Kathmandu Travel Articles

Kathmandu Nights
Kathmandu Nights Carleton Cole takes us on a wild ride through Kathmandu, into the Nepali capital’s overwhelming backpacker ghetto of Thamel, which makes Asia’s other travellers’ districts look as tame as a tea party.
A Very Different Nepal
A Very Different Nepal Nepal's southern region, with its wetlands, forests, and agricultural communities offers fascinating contrasts with the Himmalayas. Paul Belz describes his close experiences with the Terai's people and wildlife.
A Light In Their Lives – Kathmandu, Nepal
A Light In Their Lives – Kathmandu, Nepal A volunteering adventure in Nepal is bringing hope to Nepali orphans and life-changing experiences to its Western volunteers.
Downhill Journey to Kathmandu – Nepal, Asia
Downhill Journey to Kathmandu – Nepal, Asia

Barry Rogge and friends had a long, arduous, but fascinating car trip from the Tibet border to Kathmandu.

The Thorung La Special – Nepal, Asia
A Tibetan mastiff puppy, a pied piper monkey, and a 10-year old innkeeper contribute to making the great thorung la special for Steven Cho.
The Wondering Sailor – Mt. Everest, Kathmandu, Nepal, Asia
Ian Wallace climbed Mt. Everest. When he got to the top, he writes, "Mt. Everest - in all its glory! What a joke!"
Goats and Goddesses – Kathmandu, Nepal
Goats and Goddesses – Kathmandu, Nepal home_jun06_goats.jpgAmanda Peskin ponder
Explore Nepal: The Shangri-La – Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal
Travelling on your own in Nepal can be your life-time experience. Enjoy this one month trip from the hi-tech city Kathmandu to the natural wonders of mountains above 8000 meters in 30 days!
Escape from Kathmandu (or, How to Con and Influence Apathetic Power Brokers at the Indian Embassy) – Kathmandu, Nepal
Jeff Vize gets a lesson in conning...and karma.
Kathmandu Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Kathmandu Where is it located?: Kathmandu is in central Nepal on the Vishnumati river. Why do people go there?: No longer the fabled Shangri-La or hidden oasis, Kathmandu has everything a modern city has problems with: pollution, touts, poverty. If you give it a few days, you will find the beauty […]