Lesotho Travel Articles

Men drivers! – Lesotho, Africa
Anne-Sophie Redisch flies low on Lesotho mountain roads, afraid she might end up like the king - dead!
Asleep in Lesotho – Lesotho, Africa
Lee Abbamonte loves Africa. It's a continent where you need to expect the unexpected. This story certainly falls in that category.
Lesotho Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Lesotho Where is it?: Lesotho is surrounded by South Africa Why do people go here?: To escape the racial tension in South Africa and to enjoy the mountains and friendly accommodating people. What are the main entry points?: South Africa surrounds it Currency used: Loti Country Code for Phones: 266 Area codes […]
Big Brother’s African Brother #51: Malealea, Lesotho
Big Brother’s African Brother #51: Malealea, Lesotho Acres of clear blue sky, young boys ploughing the fields by hand, donkeys burdened with maize sacks, men wrapped in blankets donning good, old fashioned wellington boots - Lesotho is a gateway into an