Los Angeles Travel Articles

1: Leaving Los Angeles – Los Angeles, California and Mexico
1: Leaving Los Angeles – Los Angeles, California and Mexico The thrills Delara gets flying over the blue of the Sea of Cortez, fade quickly as she hits the blacktop to try to catch a ride into town.
The Year of Living Differently #30: From Here to Eternity – La Habana, Cuba to Los Angeles, USA
Trisha has finally completed her RTW trip, but it is not the end, merely the beginning.
On The Metro – Los Angeles, California
Using the LA metro to get to her destination, Dela
California By Rail – Los Angeles, California, USA
Desperate for that feeling of independence of lone
Four Wheels Spinning – Stories from the States #8: We\’ll Be Right Back – Southern California
Four Wheels Spinning – Stories from the States #8: We\’ll Be Right Back – Southern California Jessica has two tips for travelling in California: you can't stay in a hostel in L.A. if you're an American, and you can't do anything quickly in Southern California.
There And Back Again…Maybe #2
Stopover 1: Los Angeles Eleven hours and three movies after some tearful farewells back home, we touched down in LA: alleged City of Angels. I have a habit of singing any songs relating to a place upon arrival, so it was time for some Red Hot Chili Peppers while waiting at passport control… shame I […]
Ski Los Angeles!
Who hasn’t heard of Los Angeles’ sunny weather? We do have that all summer long, but January through April, the snow sifted on the mountains from winter storms is visible from the city. True, the snow isn’t falling in the city itself, but local news crews have captured on tape frozen flurries falling on the […]
Los Angeles, California – Accommodation
Hostelling in LA In a town that prides itself on the cost and quality of its accommodations you would rightfully assume that hostels exist as something of a novelty and a cottage industry in the community. That being said, Los Angeles does have a couple of excellent hostels located in prime locations, convenient to just […]
Los Angeles, California – September 2000
Sorry You Missed All The Fun Last month’s Democratic Convention was wild, contentious, issue oriented, and not at all what LA is about. While we do have our share (and them some) of riots and civil exuberance, Los Angeles is so much more than the sum of our soundbites. Los Angeles is not Hollywood and […]
Los Angeles, California – Eats
While Los Angeles is a town filled with exquisite dining and exorbitant pricing it is possible to find some terrific food at prices that won’t leave you sleeping on the street. Check Out: Mani’s Good coffee, relaxing room, and sumptuous pastry 2507 Main St. (between Ocean Park & Pico) Santa Monica 310-396-7700 Web site C&O […]