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Biking in Australia
Biking in Australia Jay Jacobson's passion for cycling takes him into Australia on several trips, with his wife and solo, for a total of hundreds and hundreds of miles.
Melbourne, Australia – April 1999
Melbourne, Australia – April 1999 Online travel guide to Melbourne, Australia in April 1999.
Where left is right: Terror behind the wheel (Down Under) – Melbourne, Sydney, Australia
Roger Wade cautions anyone driving on the opposite side of the road for the first time. It can be like - a born-again experience - well, maybe.
Kids’ Vacations in Australia – Australia
Jasmine Ho has some simple ideas for an extraordinary Australian vacation for children - and one that adults will enjoy also.
The Big Apple Down Under – Melbourne, Victoria
A city of about 3.6 million, and the second largest city in Oz, Melbourne is up to its skyscrapers in charm, diversity, sophistication, and like NYC, fabulous food, wine, and culture.
Ode to Smith Street – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
You will never eat so well in your life as you will in Melbourne - and nowhere so well as on Smith Street. Jen Porup guarantees it!
When in Melbourne – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
When in Melbourne – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia home_oct28_philip.jpgMegan Byrd shows
Melbourne, Victoria – September 1999
The coming of spring lets you enjoy the ski fields
Melbourne, Victoria – May 1999
How to get around Port Phillip Bay.
Melbourne, Victoria – June 1999
A day trip to the Dandenongs, taking "Puffing Bill