Melbourne Travel Articles

Melbourne, Victoria – July 1999
Coffee shops, garage sales and a trip to the drive
Melbourne, Victoria – April 1999
What are the rules of "Aussie Rules"?
Melbourne Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Melbourne Where is it located?: Melbourne is located in the middle of Victoria, on Australia’s southern coast. It is in the southeastern corner of Australia, with an emphasis on the south. Why do people go there?: There is a joke that everyone from Australia is either from Sydney or Melbourne, and […]
Swagman #20 – Back to Sydney, Down to Melbourne – Melbourne and Sydney, Australia
Swagman #20 – Back to Sydney, Down to Melbourne – Melbourne and Sydney, Australia The run down the east coast has seen George's bank account dry up. Fortunately, there's plenty of free things to do in Melbourne.
Melbourne February 2003 – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Olivia Shelton offers some options to help make a
Melbourne’s Sun-Worshipping Saint – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Alison Brick found this beach suburb, southeast of
Chasing Horizons #29a: Melbourne Friend (- Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Meeting up with an old friend contributed to Phil's shift in lifestyle from "roaming backpacker" to "urban yuppie".
Chasing Horizons #29b : More Melbourne Friends
Phil reckons those travellers that make their way Down Under but only seem to settle in Sydney are missing out on the country's best city.
Travels without a Plan #10
Melbourne Mumblings After all the excitement of the opening weekend of the Olympics, to say that arriving in Melbourne was a bit of a shock to the system would be an understatement. It also did not help that for the day before I was feeling like death warmed up, I think with a 48 hour […]
The Road to Becoming OZ Experienced – Phillip Island from Melbourne
Photojournalist David Savage travels Australia on the OZ Experience… Phillip Island Phillip Island is just a two-hour drive from Melbourne. As we crossed the bridge joining the mainland to the island we entered an Island that was declared a Nature Park in 1997. The Island is home to Australia’s famous colony of ‘Little Penguins’ at […]