Moldova Travel Articles

Lenin’s Playground: The Invisible Soviet State – Moldova, Europe
Mark Gilbey and Andrew Nelson embark on a trip to the de facto independent state of Transnistria, in Moldova.
The Cave Monasteries of Moldova – Moldova
Albert F. Englehardt witnesses the monasteries and churches of Moldova as they come back to life.
From Baltic to the Black Sea #11
Chisinau, Moldova10 September 1999 Dear all, Yesterday, I visited Transdnestria but missed the bus to Comrat, capital of Gagauzia. Felt quite sad at missing the opportunity to stay at a Gagauz (a Christian Orthodox Turkish tribe) home. I rang my Gagauz friend to apologise. No bus to remote Comrat until the following morning, but I […]
Moldova Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Moldova Where is it: Moldova is located in Eastern Europe, northeast of Romania. Why do people go here: Moldova is stuggling to shrug off the heavy hand of Communism and those who make it now have the privilege of seeing the country in its infancy, void of heavy western influences. What are […]