Mumbai Travel Articles

The Mumbai Food Trail
The Mumbai Food Trail Just like anything Mumbai offers, the food can be a sensory overload. You just don’t know where to begin. So, Charles & Revati Victor list the top Mumbai foods that you simply must sample to say you’ve truly tasted Mumbai with more than just a spoon.
Swept Up In Mumbai’s Movie Star Mania
Swept Up In Mumbai’s Movie Star Mania In the Bollywood-mad streets of Mumbai, stalking movie stars is approached with all the intensity of overthrowing governments.
Travel Interrupted: Mumbai after the Attacks – India, Asia
Travel Interrupted: Mumbai after the Attacks – India, Asia

Traveler Kristin Kent arrived in Mumbai 24 hours after the terrorist attacks ended. She discovered a recovering city and heroic stories.

In Defense of Street Food – Mumbai, India, Asia
A true adventure story - Bryan Davis attempts to order breakfast in a Mumbai restaurant.
Get That Stick Out of My Ear – India, Asia

With the assitance of a half-naked man armed with a small stick, Derek Baron quickly discovered the dirtiest place in India.

Surviving Mumbai: From the Airport to Victoria Station – India, Asia

Josh Bloomer lands in Mumbai/Bombay with no preparation. He negotiates a ticket to Goa, getting a full dose of the famous Mumbai heat. In 36 hours, he feels he has been in India for weeks.

Transatlantic Tales – From India to North America
Vasudev Murthy recalls how difficult it was in the old days to travel to the United States.
Mmmmmumbaai – Mumbai, India
Paul Walters urges travelers to give Mumbai a little time and discover it embraces them with its pulsating soul.
Mumbai Safari – Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, India
Gopal M S shows how you can find a little piece of heaven in hell.
Indian Dreaming – India
Tyson Cable reflects on India's society as he trav