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Yes, We Have No Banana Pancakes #2: Burma (Myanmar): Teapots and Toilet Paper – Myanmar
Despite amazing sights and amazing people, Shannon thinks twenty years from now, what she'll remember most vividly about Burma is the toilet paper.
Yes, We Have No Banana Pancakes #3: Inle Lake to Mandalay: Bus-ted – Myanmar
One of the things Shannon likes most about travel is being wrong so often. Taking a wrong turn after dinner one night, she ended up having one of the happiest times of her life.
Wet and Wild in Yangon – Myanmar
Kelly Sobczak is a helpless foreigner, accosted an
The Golden Triangle – September 2001
Where’s that? Click here to find out. Click here for a map of the immediate area. Bugs, Bikes and Butterflies For those of you on a shoestring budget and a cast iron stomach or just a back to nature kinda dude or dudah (F), well, S.E. Asia is the place for you. For starters, bugs […]
The Golden Triangle – August 2001
Where’s that? Click here to find out. Click here for a map of the immediate area. Maesai Artillery Strike While other destinations seem to thirst for action, it seems Maesai is one of those places that attracts attention. Well, the spotlight remains on Maesai even now, August 2001. For those that are not sure where […]
Myanmar 2001: The mechanics of a trip to Myanmar
1 US dollar = 450 Kyat Boring but Necessary The mechanics of a trip to Myanmar: visas, hotels and travel agents The first step was getting a visa. I called the Myanmar Embassy in Washington D.C. and they gave me the URL of their web site (which has since closed) where I downloaded a copy […]
Myanmar 2001: The Ancient Cities
Amarapura, Sagaing, Inwa – Friday, February 16 In the morning I found my sore throat had changed into a runny nose, so I walked back to the pharmacy and bought some antihistamine. Well, at least my throat felt better. When I got back there was a guy waiting for me in the lobby – my […]
Myanmar 2001: Salay
Salay – Wednesday, February 14 I wanted to take another short trip out of Bagan today but had made no arrangements. After breakfast I walked outside the hotel gate and ran into Song Song again. By now he thought he was running my affairs. He always seemed to get his fingers into my travel plans. […]
Myanmar 2001: Mt Popa
Mt Popa – Tuesday, February 13 With Song Song’s help, I arranged for a car to take me to Mt. Popa in the morning. The half-day trip cost $25. Song Song told me that the driver was his brother but I suspect he was using that term with the widest possible meaning. At one point […]
Myanmar 2001: Mingun
Mingun – Saturday, February 17 When I stepped out in the morning, Mg Aye Lay was waiting for me. Our first stop was the pharmacy – again. I was making some kind of strange progress with my cold: the running nose was gone and now I had a cough. This being my third visit, the […]