Northern Ireland Travel Articles

Belfast: Worth Discovering – Belfast, Northern Ireland
Kay Bozich Owens discovers that the people of Nort
Brillant Belfast – Belfast, Northern Ireland
Brillant Belfast – Belfast, Northern Ireland For a city with a reputation of violence and car b
Cindy’s UK Tour #4: The Quest for the Pot of Gold – Dublin, Northern Ireland
Exploring this amazing natural phenomenon, combined with a great hike, makes for an awesome day trip.
Cindy’s UK Tour #5: The Giant’s Causeway and the Legend of Finn McCool – Ballycastle, Northen Ireland
A few days in Dublin to delve into some history, visit U2's Kitchen and sample Guinness straight from the source.
With the Sea Always On My Right: Counties Belfast and Antrim
County Belfast The first things you see on entering the city are the huge cranes of the Harland & Wolff Shipyards. It was here that the Titanic was built. We crossed over the Queen’s Bridge with its lanterns dating to 1843. Passing the slightly leaning Albert Memorial Clock Tower, built in 1867, I found Belfast […]
Ireland on a Working Visa #10
Back in Dublin for a day and finding it has lost some of its charm.