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Have Wheel, Will Travel – Norway
Have Wheel, Will Travel – Norway Leif Pettersen captures the travels of 10 unicycli
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Sure enough, he invited me to stay at his place. I told him straight away that I didn’t think that he ought to be looking at me as a romantic possibility for many reasons. I knew that he was upset and was looking for someone to hold him. But, I wasn’t really willing to be […]
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What made me decide to go to Norway? After all, Norway isn’t really a place that all too many young people dream of going to, right? Well, although I had thought about heading North, I can’t really say that it was on my immediate list of places that I had to go to before I […]
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I opted to save my money and not get a room. While walking around, I was ecstatic to find that they had a laundry room that put soap and fabric softener in without having to pay for it. So, I found myself doing my laundry until 2:30am and ironing it because I couldn’t wait any […]
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Trondheim Again I went back to the University in Trondheim for another night. I spent the day walking around town and trying to find their famous bicycle lift. I was very confused on just what this thing was. People kept telling me that it was a sort of elevator to take bicycles up a really […]
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Johnny Cash in Norway On the way back, we pulled into shore to come to an old abandoned village that had only about four or five wind blown buildings still standing. While the tourists peered through windows and ate a packed lunch, I examined old stoves and carts parked among the fallen foundations. The captain’s […]
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The Power of a Sunset I went for a short walk with a very nice Spaniard that I had met at the previous hostel. We took pictures of the landscape and basked in the chilly Arctic air. We went our separate ways as we both wanted to be alone for a while. Then, I came […]
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The Beauty Beyond the Barf Bags The next day, I continued North. I took the 8 hour train to a small port town just for the night. Finally, I took a ferry to the Lofoton Islands. The ferry was very small and the waters were very rough. I sat inside the cabin and, as soon […]
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The Night Train I took the night train to Oslo that night. At first, I was very happy. I got on the train and found a car with a lot of gorgeous Scandinavian men in it. Two of the men sat drinking out of a large bottle of liquor. They were were actually quite handsome […]
Tim and Mari’s World Tour – Norway
Norway August 25 – September 7 As much of a shock to ourselves as to anyone else, we ended up our last few days in Scandinavia. It all started out so innocent though. On our last day in the UK we decided to try and find the quickest way into Europe. At one of a […]