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Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Things to See & Do
Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Things to See & Do Travel guide for Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Things to See and Do.
Guide to Munich’s Oktoberfest
Guide to Munich’s Oktoberfest Munich's infamous Oktoberfest is the world's best beer swilling, sausage guzzling, standing on tables and singing, debauched, lederhosen wearing celebration of beer.
Silk Suits You, Sir – Aleppo, Syria
Silk Suits You, Sir – Aleppo, Syria Travel guide for Aleppo, Syria. For those on the classic Istanbul to Cairo route, Aleppo is perhaps the first taste of the real East.
And Alexander Wept – Asia, Middle East

Philip Blazdell notes that where travellers used to congregate, where epic voyages of discovery and colonialism began and where tales were told until the cocks crowed, have been lost in the haze of

Silence Falls – Africa
Philip Blazdell didn't want the balloon ride to end, but a small part of him smiled, knowing that Africa would always be waiting.
Fox Fire – Kemi, Finland, Scandinavia, Europe
Philip Blazdell travelled to the Lumilnna Snow Castle on the northern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia in February 2008. The castle is built each winter and is open from February to late March or early Ap
Agent Orange, Travels in the Netherlands – The Netherlands, Europe
Every story in this article is absolutely true - really - says Philip Blazdell.
Stray Dog Days – The World
Philip Blazdell rushes around the world, clenching his phone and dashing off love letters, one text at a time.
Fifty Nine: Siberia – Siberia, Russia
Philip Blazdell searching for a phone in the middle of Siberia.
In Zion… – Zion National Park, Utah, USA
In Zion… – Zion National Park, Utah, USA home_march24_zion.jpgPhilip Blazdell at