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Riding the Roads in the Philippines – Philippines
Riding the Roads in the Philippines – Philippines While in the Philippines, Alan John encounters fri
Palawan, a Paradise – Palawan, Philippines
Palawan, a Paradise – Palawan, Philippines For Thu-Tam Doan, the beaches surrounding El Nido
Seoul Man: 12 Months in Korea – #12: Magnum PI – Philippines
The Philippines is not a place for the faint hearted. But Conor Purcell believes an open mind will reward you with one of the most intriguing countries in Asia.
A Day Away – Malapascua, Philippines
Rochelle Cuyco felt liberated and beyond the reach
Cock-a-Doodle-Die! – Manila, Philippines
Far from being shunned and secretive, Erik Trinida
In Imelda Marcos’ Backyard – Leyte, The Philippines
Bruce Walter found the once grand home of Imelda M
Yes, We Have No Banana Pancakes
Yes, We Have No Banana Pancakes: Given the state of things on the Eastern seaboard,
New Yorkers Shannon Holman and Erica Harris figure they may as well take ...
Philippines Nutz and Bolts
The Basics Country: Philippines Where is it?: The Philippines is in south-eastern Asia, east of Vietnam. Why do people go here?: Due to a number of political reasons, the Philippines are not on most tourists routes, but the country does offer island culture and many remote areas that still need to be discovered. What are […]
Pursuit of the Endless Summer #11
Layovers: The Philippines, Guam, Brunei What day is it? Where are we going next? What country are we in? How long are we staying? Frequently I ask Andrea these questions, as she has become our travel organizer. With palm pilot in hand, she popped up the stored information, rattled off the answers, and gave me […]
Joe and the Whale Shark – The Philippines
White water fetishes are adequately catered to in the Philippines, with white water rafting and surf kayaking. Robert Geier was indulging in the latter when he came across a shark.