Quebec Travel Articles

Basically Montreal – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Kay Bozich Owens is your guide to this vibrant, convivial, cultural, European capital in North America.
Montreal Through Colored Glasses – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
After what happened, Steven Jarvis is surprised to hear what his friend said about the French in Quebec.
Right Hand Man – Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada
Right Hand Man – Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada home_july22_flag.jpgKyle MacDonald and h
The Blanche, Blonde, Rousse et Noir Tour – Quebec, Canada editor Josh Oakes takes on a five-day Quebec brewpub odyssey.
Four Dollars and a Microwave – Montreal, Quebec
One good story and two hours of sweatshop labor later, Kyle MacDonald emerges triumphant.
Montreal, Canada – January 2000
The editors at BootsnAll are, no doubt, annoyed at the lateness of this dispatch. My first column of the new millennium and it arrives a third of the way into the month. To make amends, I will promise not to use the word “millennium” again until the year 2999. In my defense, however, I will […]
Montreal, Canada – February 2000
I sit here in my toasty apartment, gazing out the window at the deep snow and the frigid pedestrians slogging to and fro and wonder why anyone would visit this fair burgh in February. The answer, aside from the esoteric for which only those oddballs deplaning icy widebodies at Dorval airport can tell, can be […]
Montreal, Canada – December 1999
December is the last month of the year, and this December in particular is the last of many things. No, this is not a Millennium blurb! To the contrary, I’d like to mention a few of the lesser-talked about conclusions we are about to reach. 1999 is not only the end of this arbitrarily-numbered Millennium, […]
Montreal, Canada – September 1999
This is my first dispatch for BootsnAll, and unfortunately it comes at the end of the summer (summer being the best time to be here). Regardless, this city is alive and well year ’round, so here goes. September Festivals Bonsecours Market© Jean-Marc DiBattista Montreal is the land o’ festivals. With the first sign of spring, […]
Montreal, Canada – October 1999
Montréal is bursting with colour in October. The trees in the parks and on the mountain (in the middle of the city) are ablaze with yellow, crimson, and yes, green, and the weather is turning cooler so people are starting to wear clothes again! The city’s extraordinary summer party and festival life is waning and […]