Rome Travel Articles

The Italian Job – Florence, Rome, Italy, Europe

Jennifer Krueger and sister spent a whirlwind Christmas in Rome and Florence. Their trip didn't turn out as they envisioned.

The Lighter Side of Italy: Part I, Roman Flirtations – Italy, Europe

J. C. Adams recounts his two short and memorable stays in Rome.

Lover’s Spat with the Eternal City – Rome, Italy, Europe
Carol Stigger's love affair with Rome stalls, then ignites again, with fireworks in St. Peter's Square.
Easter in Firenze – Florence, Italy, Europe
Easter in Firenze – Florence, Italy, Europe Mardee Sherman and friend, Nona - two women in Italy enjoying good food, wonderful people and a dose of "la dolce vita"!
Journey of Drink Through Europe – London, Rome, Greece, Germany, Dublin, Scotland, Europe
When Fiona Sanguinetti left for Europe, she wanted to see the requisite cultural sites, but, more importantly, she wanted to mingle with the locals - what better way than in their drinking establishme
Taking the Train to Naples – Rome, Italy
Michael Cornn learns that when traveling by train, the Board giveth, and the Board taketh away.
The Trevi Fountain Guards Many Secrets – Rome, Italy
The Trevi Fountain Guards Many Secrets – Rome, Italy home_july8_trevi.jpgRosario Charie Albar
Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy – Rome, Italy
Studying abroad in Rome, Bradley T. Kestner is saddened to learn of Pope John Paul II's illness and death.
Buzzing Through Rome – Rome, Italy
Buzzing Through Rome – Rome, Italy Despite his abhorrence of churches and tourist cro
Tour of Duty: An art pilgrimage in southern Europe #1: Michelangelo: Master of Mallett and Palette in the Eternal City – Rome, I
To Neville Millen's mind Michelangelo stands supreme as the star in the pantheon of artists held within the walls of Roman museums.