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Tour of Duty: An art pilgrimage in southern Europe #1: Michelangelo: Master of Mallett and Palette in the Eternal City – Rome, I
To Neville Millen's mind Michelangelo stands supreme as the star in the pantheon of artists held within the walls of Roman museums.
Boatgirl #13: Roma, Italia – Rome, Italy
Read on to learn the secret of surviving taxi rides in Rome.
Roman Holiday – Rome, Italy
Roman Holiday This summer, while my husband and I visited Rome, we spent one memorable evening on the terrace of the Hotel Eden enjoying the most romantic view of the Eternal City’s many cupolas, domes and steeples. It was a warm, enchanting night encouraged by some Italian red, a little too much world famous pasta, […]
It Doesn’t Matter Which Road You Take #14
Episode Fourteen: Rome The Pope, Confession and a Coin Toss We are on an overnight train to Rome. My light does not work so I am forced to neither read nor write. I would use this time to sleep, but they insist on barging in every half-hour to make sure that we still have the […]