South Asia Travel Articles

Bhutan: Why It’s Worth It
Bhutan: Why It’s Worth It Bhutan, a peaceful and spiritual oasis lying in the heart of the Eastern Himalayas offers unique adventures to travelers, but has a reputation for being expensive that deters potential visitors. Kellie Netherwood explains why it is worth it.
Is the Party Over – Goa, India, Asia
Colin Todhunter discovered that Goa’s underbelly is dirty, corrupt and well thought out.
Tribute to the Indian Coffee House – India, Asia
Colin Todhunter found the Indian Coffee Houses to be basic, where decor generally takes a back seat to the low prices and delicious food, where the headdresses on the waiters are usually a metaphor fo
The Road Was Gone – India, Asia
Bus travel through India's mountainous regions involves dramatic scenery, remote villages, fresh air and colorful passengers. On Derek Baron's recent journey, the only thing missing was the r
Downhill Journey to Kathmandu – Nepal, Asia
Downhill Journey to Kathmandu – Nepal, Asia

Barry Rogge and friends had a long, arduous, but fascinating car trip from the Tibet border to Kathmandu.

In Defense of Street Food – Mumbai, India, Asia
A true adventure story - Bryan Davis attempts to order breakfast in a Mumbai restaurant.
Get That Stick Out of My Ear – India, Asia

With the assitance of a half-naked man armed with a small stick, Derek Baron quickly discovered the dirtiest place in India.

Madness at Thirty Nine Thousand Feet – India, Asia
Vasudev Murthy experienced a harrowing, confusing and most novel flight.
You Gotta Have Faith – India, Asia
You Gotta Have Faith – India, Asia Many people are, as it were, struck by the traffic in India. Graham Smart offers a brief, light-hearted view from the streets of New Delhi and Varanasi.
Ramadan in Pakistan – Asia
Ramadan in Pakistan – Asia Lloyd Raleigh discovers that the month-long, dawn-to-dusk fast is more than meets the eye.