Southern Africa Travel Articles

On the Road in Southern and Eastern Africa, or, Forewarned is Forearmed – Southern and Eastern Africa
Lizzy Edwards recounts the joys of public transportation while traveling in Africa.
Malawi Beginnings – Blantyre, Malawi
home_aug05_malawi.jpgOne gir
Goats With Death Wishes – Malawi
Driving in Malawi comes with a unique set of challenges and yummy fried chippies.
Apartheid in South Africa – South Africa
It saddens Seleze Oosthuizen to read that so many tourists encounter apartheid in SA and that they still believe that most white people are racist.
Melting Pot of Cultures – Maputo, Mozambique
home_june2_moz.jpgAthena Lamber
Skinny Dipping in the Drakesnberg – Drakesnberg, South Africa
Pat Walker vists the place locals go on holiday.
Leeeeeeeaving, On an Overland Tour – Namibia
Ian Kutschke gears up for his overland trip, passing along some of the advice he's picked up about Southern Africa along the way.
Namibia Living – Namibia
Lizzy Edwards and her husband Ian wander the streets of Namibia during the changeover of the president.
The Best Easter We’ve Ever Had – Namibia
Ian Kutschke's wife Lizzy gets mugged in Namibia - while the neighbors watch.
To the Sand Dunes of Namibia – Namibia
Ian Kutschke takes off his clothes and rolls around the dunes in Namibia.