Texas Travel Articles

Why is There a Cow Behind Your Motorhome? – Three Rivers, Texas
Katherine Friesenhahn learns that sometimes, accents can be hard to decipher - even within your own country!
Humming Engines, Slamming Doors & Muffled Voices: Our Trip to Seminole Canyon State Park, Texas
When Katherine Friesenhahn headed on an overnight journey, stopping at an empty, peaceful state park, she didn't expect to wake up in the middle of a boy scout pow wow!
Turning Point: The Beginning of our RV Travels – Lost Maples State Natural Area, Vanderpool, Texas
From her very first mile in the movable home, Katherine Friesenhahn knows that RV'ing is her dream way to travel.
Understanding the Lone Star State – San Antonio, Texas
Understanding the Lone Star State – San Antonio, Texas Canadian Neilia Sherman finally starts to understa
The Last Things They Saw – Texas, USA
Ian Everett enjoyed one of those small, nano-relat
Spring Loaded – Dallas, Texas, USA
Spring Loaded Dallas, Texas Spring is festival season in Big D. And thanks to the welcoming 70-degree weather, blue skies and little rainfall, it’s the perfect time to venture out and enjoy the Texas sunshine. Throughout April and May, Dallasites take full advantage of the springtime weather. The summer months usher in a whole new […]
Wehre to Hit the Hay – Dallas, Texas, USA
Wehre to Hit the Hay – Dallas, Texas, USA Where to Hit the Hay Dallas, Texas After a long day of shopping, eating out, or wrangling cattle (although the latter may not be ideal for everyone visiting the Lone Star State), Dallas offers a wide range of accommodation options. Unfortunately, the city is not very backpacker-friendly, and there are no hostels to be found. […]
Travels for Two in a Green Ford Escort #8: San Antonio: Missions, Rivers and the Alamo
Like New Orleans, San Antonio made Jeff and Deb feel like they'd taken an exit off the highway into another country.
Travels for Two in a Green Ford Escort #7: Houston, We Have Apathy
Jeff and Deb went to the Johnson Space Center near Houston, hoping to see what the future held for the possibilities of Space. They left very disappointed.
Dallas: More than just yee0haws and oilrigs – Dallas, Texas, USA
Dallas: More than just yee-haws and oilrigs Dallas, Texas Dallas. The very word seems almost mythical. With a skyline that’s more beautiful than any cluster of buildings in the world (save New York), Dallas is perched in the middle of a sprawling countryside. Grassy plains, rolling hills, and sunsets that can make you weep surround […]