Tokyo Travel Articles

Tokyo Disneyland – Tokyo, Japan
Natasha Noy heads to Tokyo and visits the Japanese theme-park obsession: Disney Sea.
This Place for Bowing – Tokyo, Japan
This Place for Bowing – Tokyo, Japan Tokyo's the chain-smoking, pixellated-porn-loving,
Tokyo Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Tokyo Where is it located?: Tokyo is eastern Japan close to the north Pacific. Why do people go there?: Tokyo is the capital of Japan. Perhaps one of the most expensive destinations in Asia, Tokyo is the land of sumo, sushi and kimono, a land where the delicate kimono clad lady […]
Jumping Japanese Jail – Tokyo Japan
Mark Thiel manages to sing karaoke, get arrested a
Killer Flu and Crazy, Dedicated Students – Tokyo, Japan
David M. Weber is worried what might happen to him
Saga of a Ronin English Teacher – Tokyo, Japan
How David M. Weber lost his master and now has to
Memories of a World Cup – Tokyo, Japan
During the 2002 World Cup, Philip Blazdell remembe
Paul Kan’s Asia Journal #13: June 15-21, Tokyo, Kyoto & Nara, Part I – Japan
Paul Kan’s Asia Journal #13: June 15-21, Tokyo, Kyoto & Nara, Part I – Japan Need to get around Hong Kong or Tokyo airports? Paul can show you the way.
Tokyo, Japan – September 1999
Praise be !!! There is, after all, a god. Let joyful shouts ring round the Yamamote line, let thankful foreigners prostrate themselves at the powers that be – Diet Coke is now available in Japan. Of course, Diet Coke has always been available in Japan, just not in descent size cans. Some stores sold a […]